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Naturopath, Nutritionist & Bartender Approved

Naturopath, Nutritionist & Bartender Approved

Meet the founder

Caroline Pepi is a Grammy award winning BMX champion* that sometimes likes to talk about herself in third person.

But no, seriously... as a professional writer and skincare enthusiast by trade and amateur dentist by delusion, Caroline spends her days reading books, watching Bridget Jones Diary and drinking margaritas.

Caroline, like all modern women, has many health issues she wants to combat but none more important than the never-ending journey that is her health. Ten years of chronic acne, endometriosis, PCOS and an inability to eat perfectly 100% of the time often puts Caroline in a bit of a tough spot on a night out.

However, though Caroline knows very little about physics and civil engineering, she does know a hell of a lot about nutrition and skincare; working within the skin and beauty space for over 10 years.

But what Caroline knows most of all, is that, well, she’s not special… She knows that if she has a problem, a thought, or a need, then so have a million others.

So, Caroline would like to raise a glass to all the hotties with sore tummies and angry skin who need a drink. Cheers (very) cute ears!

Caroline xx

*Very much untrue

Naturopath, Nutritionist & Bartender Approved

Naturopath, Nutritionist & Bartender Approved

Meet Our naturopathic consultant

Brooke Oke | Goodkind Naturopathy

Naturopath and Mental Health Nurse (BHSc, BN, PostGradDipMHN)

Brooke’s experience and knowledge from her nursing career is weaved into her treatment approach for Naturopathy. Although science, evidence basis and research are all central to her treatments and understandings, it is well acknowledged by Brooke that respect and attention must be given to the traditional and ancient notions of Naturopathic medicine. Combining both empirical knowledge and modern-day evidence to provide the best possible outcomes for her clients is Brooke’s priority...and funnily enough her approach of natural and western treatments also aligns with our vision at Weekday Drinks... which is why we wanted to consult with her!

After working in clinical practice for a few years now, Brooke has been able to master her skills in particular areas and mostly treats complex digestive health issues, skin disorders and reproductive health issues. Guiding her clients through the process of specific functional tests and tailored treatments has been proven to give her clients incredible, long-lasting results through an empowering and educational approach. 

Brooke recently launched her first Naturopathic supplement brand, Begin Again. Begin Again was born from a love of holistic health and wellbeing. Through clinical experience, Brooke and Adelaide co-founded Begin Again to enhance your detoxification pathways which will improve your energy, digestion, skin and hormones. You can find out more about Brooke and all the amazing things she does here and here

You've reach the end

Say byeeee to refined sugars, preservatives and painful bloating and hello to glowing skin, a happy gut and brighter mornings.

Just shake, pour and enjoy with or without alcohol.

Cheer (very cute) ears.


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